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Connect Digital - CD Box

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The Connect Digital (CD box) is specifically designed for use with the Metway MWS range of presence detectors and features automatic device recognition to provide simple and powerful control without the need to manually alter settings.

The CD box has 5x detector inputs and 5 x switch inputs making this unit adaptable for almost any application.

  • 10x luminaire outputs
  • 5x presence detector inputs
  • 5x switch inputs

Technical Details

Operating supply 230v
Max load 16A per box, 2A per output
Max ballasts: 20 per box
Material bright galvanised steel

The MWS2000CDR is a high performance, communicating detector offering all the functions of the MWS digital detector including zone control, global commands and scene setting communicated through the CD box.

Communication is achieved between the CD boxes/detectors via an RB2000 BUS power supply unit. This is usually sited within the local riser and provides a BUS signal via a two wire system for up to 200 MLS detectors. This enables all detectors on the system to share occupancy information. The data cabling can easily be incorporated into the Metway pre-fabricated wiring system via the home run and circuit cabling. Up to 200 BUS power supplies may be installed in one system to support up to 20,000 detectors.
(Please note that BUS integrity must be maintained throughout the system.)

Scene setting is achieved by using a hand held programmer (HP2000) to adjust the settings for each detector. Up to six settings can be stored and manually recalled via a hand held controller (HC5) or scene switch panel.


Part Numbers

CDW10U5 CD box (3-wire mains system)
CDW10U52L CD box (4-wire mains system with external switched maintained live)
MWS2000CDR DSI/DALI presence detector
RJ45-5m RJ45 patch lead 5m
RB2000 BUS power supply
HP2000 Hand held programmer

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