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Metway DALI Slave Lighting Control Module MA-DALILCM-10/S & MA-DALILCM-10/SI

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The Metway DALI Slave LCM MA-DALILCM-10/S & MA-DALILCM-10/SI is used to control up to 10 luminaires.

Slave units connect via a DALI 4-wire network as an extension to the DALI MA-DALILCM10/M.

DALI Slave units have:

  • 10 x 6 pole sockets to connect fittings
  • 4-pin hardwired connector for DALI peripherals
  • 10-pin hardwired connector for 8 volt-free inputs (SI version only)

There is also an integral emergency relay.

The DALI Slave enclosure has been designed for ease of installation and set up with ‘Z’ bolt fixing rails provided on the rear and all connections to the unit can be pre-wired.

One or two DALI Slave LCMs are used with MA-DALILCM10/M or the MA-DS10LCM/10 and can be programmed into groups, with multiple group capability.

Technical Details

Please download full datasheet for all technical information.



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