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Metway Vitesse Plus Lighting Control Module

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Metway Vitesse Plus is a flexible lighting control system which provides effective power delivery and control for lighting installations in commercial, educational and healthcare buildings.

Control inputs and outputs are pluggable using the industry standard connector. The Metway Vitesse Plus marshalling box has 10 luminaire outputs, which can be configured as three separate channels if required. All control inputs are ELV and provide a variety of functions, a connection for the testing of emergency luminaries is also provided.

  • 10x output
  • 3x channel
  • 3x presence detector inputs (via RJ45)
  • 3x switch inputs
  • Presence/Absence detection
  • 3x channel
  • Daylight linking
  • Manual dimming

Technical Details

Operating voltage: 220-240v
Max load per box: 10A per channel – 6A fluorescent – 3A low voltage / compact fluorescent
Dimming: 20x ballasts per box, 10x per channel
Terminal capacity: 4.0mm
Material flame retardant nylon/ABS

The function & channel DIL switch selectors provide numerous possibilities for input and output configuration together with the required function, ie presence, absence, daylight linking or manual dimming.(Please contact Metway for a full specification alternatively the Vitesse Plus unit can be supplied pre-configured.)


Please download full datasheet for Metway Vitesse Plus  part numbers.

For full details of the Vitesse presence detectors please contact Metway head office.



Metway Vitesse Plus Lighting Control Module

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