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Passive Infra Red Presence Detectors MW2000DF

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Regulating DSI / DALI

The Metway MW2000DF passive infrared programmable regulating presence detector is designed to work with regulating DSI & DALI ballast types to provide a constant pre-programmed lux level via a DSI or DALI dimming output. The detector measures the total light level within its detection range and adjusts the output to achieve the desired lighting level making these detectors ideally suited for office applications, in particular those with high levels of natural daylight.

One Switch Dimming

This feature provides the user with local control via a simple momentary “push to make” wall switch. A short press will switch the luminaires on/off, while a longer press will raise or lower the output. The wall switch will require a “live” feed and the Red “one switch” input from the presence detector.

(One switch option available for connection on request.)

  • Regulating photocell: ensures a minimum maintained light level taking into account light levels from surrounding luminaires and daylight
  • 5-35min off delay following last observed movement
  • 6m detection pattern at floor level based upon 2.4m mounting height
  • One switch – allows manual on/off and dimming via a reactive wall switch
  • Remote override via HC5
  • Programming via HP2000

Technical Details

Max. recommended mounting height 3m
Photocell regulating
Operating voltage 230v
Product rating & recommended circuit protection 10A
Max. recommended load 6A or 9x ballasts (digital DSI or DALI)


Part numbers (DSI)

MW2000DF (c/w 3m lead to free end)
MW2000DF-MB (c/w 3m lead to 6-pole GST male connector) for use with Metway PIR switching module or Metway marshalling box

Part numbers (DALI)

MW2000DALIF (c/w 3m lead to free end)
MW2000DALIF-MB (c/w 3m lead to 6-pole GST

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Passive infra red


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