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Metway Projects

City Point – Leeds
Project: City Point – Leeds
Contractor: N.G. Bailey

Metway wiring system & communicating presence detection

Civil Justice Centre – Manchester
Project: Civil Justice Centre – Manchester
Contractor: Hills Electrical

Metway wiring system

Connought School – Brighton
Project: Connought School – Brighton
Contractor: ESP
System: Metway classroom control box
Customs House – Heathrow
Project: Customs House – Heathrow
Contractor: Longcross
System: Spectrum lighting control
East Road – London N1
Project: East Road – London N1
Contractor: ECL

Metway wiring system, marshalling box &
presence detection

Furness College – Barrow-In-Furness
Project: Furness College – Barrow-In-Furness
Contractor: Ameon
System: Metway wiring system and Ex-Or controls
Gateway House – Richmond
Project: Gateway House – Richmond
Contractor: Woodcote Building Services
System: Metway marshalling box & presence detection
GE Capital Finance – Bristol
Project: GE Capital Finance – Bristol
Contractor: Via Newey and Eyre
System: Metway marshalling box and leads
Griffiths House – London NW1
Project: Griffiths House – London NW1
Contractor: Londonguild

Metway wiring system, marshalling box & presence detection

Halley VI – Antarctica
Project: Halley VI – Antarctica
Supply contractor: Merit Group
System: Metway wiring system