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Metway Projects

McLaren Production Centre – Woking
Project: McLaren Production Centre – Woking
Contractor: Spie Matthew Hall
System: Metway wiring system and lighting control
Meadowhall Shopping Centre – Sheffield
Project: Meadowhall Shopping Centre – Sheffield
Contractor: Crown House engineering
System: Metway armoured wiring system (lighting & power)
Moulsecoomb School, – Brighton
Project: Moulsecoomb School, – Brighton
Contractor: ESP
System: Metway classroom control box
Nomura House – London EC1
Project: Nomura House – London EC1
Contractor: T. Clarke
System: Metway wiring system
Olympic House – Manchester
Project: Olympic House – Manchester
Contractor: Interface Contracts
System: Metway wiring system
One Broadgate 7th floor – London
Project: One Broadgate 7th floor – London
Contractor: Airtech
System: Metway armoured system, (lighting & power)
Ormiston Bushfield Academy – Peterborough
Project: Ormiston Bushfield Academy – Peterborough
Contractor: ImtechAqua
System: Metway classroom control box
Paragon – Bristol
Project: Paragon – Bristol
Contractor: Crown House Technology

Metway wiring system (inc. power) & Rapid
lighting control

Park Inn Hotel – Heathrow
Project: Park Inn Hotel – Heathrow
Contractor: Michael J. Lonsdale

Metway wiring system & communicating
presence detection

Pfizer – Sandwich, Kent
Project: Pfizer – Sandwich, Kent
Contractor: Holmes Environmental Services
System: Metway wiring system