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6-Pole Splitter Module

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The Metway range of pluggable switching modules allows for the inclusion of switching devices within the system.

All manual switches have a corresponding module catering for 1 way, 2 way, intermediate and emergency key switching.

The simple inclusion of presence detection is also catered for using the 4-pole or 6-pole PIR module for a standard or dimmable system.

The Metway switching module range uses the 166 G type connector and is fully colour coded and mechanically polarised to prevent mismatching.

Latching comes as standard.

The 166 G type range of connectors are designed for mains connection according to EN 61 984 (connecting and disconnecting under load) and used in installation systems when using the latching covers or locking slides (VDE 0628).

Mouldings are halogen free, self extinguishing and low fuming.

Appliance couplers (EN 60 320)
Installation couplers (EN 61 535)

Technical Details

Mouldings: polyamide 6/6
Housings: polyamide 6. UL 94-VO
Continuous working temp: 100º C
Short time temp: 160º C
Contact Parts: brass, tinned
Current rating: 16A250v at 70º C(to EN 60320, EN 61984)
Upper limit temps: 110º C (to EN 61984)
Protection class: IP20
IP40 when plugged in
Internal cable: 1.50mm LSOH 6491b (BS7211)
Latching: yes

6 pole splitter


 Part Number  SPM06GST

See our tee modules and switching arrangements, including lighting control, for a complete pluggable system.


6-pole splitter module (Web)6 pole splitter6 pole splitter

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