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milliLED - Series 930-LC-111 LED SMD Connector 2 & 3 Pole

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Series 930-LC-111 is a  3.5 mm pitch connector designed as a connectivity solution for adjacent PCBs.

It works in conjunction with 931-SLT-SMD-1.1-L4 pin strips of 4 mm height.

Qualified for 6A/250 V connectivity applications.

The height of the 930-LC-111 & 931-SLT-SMD-1.1-L4 assembly is 4.5mm.

It possesses test holes and access to the contact areas.

  • Connector
  • Horizontal version
  • Flat base
  • Manufactured with test holes

930-LC-111/02 with 931-SLT-SMD-1.1-L4/02 has passed vibration test, as per IEC60068-2-1, 10-200 Hz random vibrations, with no current 100 mA discontinuity longer than 1 ms.

Vibration test is conducted as per specification from the standard for vertical road signs EN 12966.


Bridge 930-LC-111 is offered as a connectivity solution for the LED related panel-to-panel easy interconnect.

It is suitable to bridge together LED PCBs via surface mounted pin strips.

The Bridge is designed for easy removal and replacement for one particular PCB within a PCB chain.

Its ergonomic design makes installation of PCB panels easy to access and maintain.




Technical Details

Centre to Centre Spacing 3.500 mm
 Mouldings Polyamide PA 6/66, Self extinguishing UL 94, V-0
 Colour White
 Temperature Limits Continuous : 105°C (221°F)
 Comparative Tracking Index CTI ? 600 V
 Average weight per pole 0.13g


Available in 2 and 3 pole versions

Series 930-LC930LC11103image 2 930LC111web linked

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