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milliLED - Series 930-LP-111/02 Power Supply Connector 3.50mm Spacing

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Series 930-LP-111/02 power connector is designed to be mated wth the 931-SLT-SMD-1.1-L4/02 pin strip in oder to bring wired power to LED panels.

The wiring is made via a push-in screw-less connection.

Pre-wiring can be an opton.

This product connects to the panel in the vertical plane.

  • Low profile (4mm)
  • Screwless
  • Easy push-in wiring – 20-22 AWG solid
  • Improved field reliability via unique snap-in retention
  • Rated current 6A/250v
  • Automated pick and place assembly


This product would be used in low profile PCB wiring scenarios.

This can be used to bring electrical power to a board or with other power connectors to daisy chain multiple boards.

Specifically this is targeted at the LED lighting industry such as roadway, tunnel, office and in-building lighting applications that require large amounts of LEDs to provde sufficient light and whereby the LED groupings are divided into panels to allow for easy installation and placement.

Technical Details

 Wire Stripping Length  7.00 mm
Recommended Hole Diameter in PC Board 3.00mm
 Mouldings Polyamide PA 6/66, Self extinguishing UL 94, V-0
 Colour White
 Temperature Limits Continuous : 100°C
 Comparative Tracking Index CTI ? 600 V
 Oxygen Index Rating 33%
Contact Spring  Tin plated copper alloy


Series 930-LPleadedpushed

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