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Metway Series 307PC Tab Type Terminal Blocks

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Series 307PC tab type terminal blocks are barrier connectors suitable for medium duty applications.

The polycarbonate mouldings allow relatively high working temperatures (up to 135° C) and are suitable for use with conductors with crimped terminals fitted.

The tabs are fitted in two styles, firstly in a rivetted “star” format as styles WE1 to WE42 which have various tab arrangements in flat, 45° & 90°.

Alternatively, tab styles WE53 to WE66 have flat tabs only with spacers between.

These are particularly suitable for use with 3070 A & B covers

Technical Details

Mouldings: polycarbonate, black, UL94 V0
Contacts: brass, nickel plated
Screws: M4 steel, zinc plated, blue passivated
Rivets: copper, tinned
Temp. limits: max short term: 135º C
continuous: 105º C
Current rating: screw terminals: 10A
tab terminals: 25A
Voltage rating: 400v ~ to DIN VDE 0110, pollution degree 2
Tracking distance: CTI > 110
Conductor size: screw terminals: 4mm2
tab terminals: 6mm2
Wire stripping length: 8mm


Mixed tabs: mixed tab arrangements are available upon request. Please provide sketch.

Tabs: also available with 2.8 & 4.8mm tabs.

Metway Series 307PC Tab Type Terminal Block

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