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Series 982 / 983F 3/8" & 10mm Pitch Tab Type Barrier Blocks

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Series 982 / 983M tab/screw type barrier connectors are available in 3/8″ pitch (series 982) or 5mm pitch (series 983) in lengths from 2 to 24 poles.

Various tab style types are available as per the table shown.

This range is only available with 4.8 x 0.8mm tabs.

Note: 1 pole must be left empty at each end to allow for the connector to be fixed down.

Technical Details

Mouldings: nylon, grey, UL94 V2
Screws & pressure plates: steel, zinc plated, blue passivated
Screw tightening torque: 0.79 Nm
Tabs: brass, nickel plated
Temp. limits: max short term: 140º C
continuous: 105º C
Current rating: 2.8 tab connector: 6A
4.8 tab connector: 16A
Voltage rating: 500v ~ to VDE 0110, pollution degree 3,
creepage distance 6.3mm, clearance 5mm,
breakdown voltage 4000v
Tracking distance: CTI > 600
Conductor size: 2.5mm2
Wire stripping length: 8.5mm
Pin spacing: 982 – 3/8” (9.52mm)
983 – 10mm


Metway Series 982 / 983F982982982

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