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Series 121C 5.08mm 45º Entry Pluggable Socket Connector

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Series 121C socket connectors are 45° entry with a pin spacing of 5.08mm and are suitable for use with pin headers of various formats.

They are fitted with rising clamp terminals which can be re-used without damage to the conductors or clamping mechanism and are available in 2 to 24 pole lengths.

These connectors are industry standard and will interchange with most other manufacturers equivalent products.

Technical Details

Mouldings: nylon 6.6, grey, UL94 V0
Inserts: brass, tinned
Screws: M3, steel, zinc plated, blue passivated
Wire protectors: n/a
Current rating: see approvals
Voltage rating: 600v ~ to VDE 0110, pollution degree 2.
Creepage and clearance distance > 3.2mm.
Breakdown voltage 2500v ~
Tracking distance: CTI > 600
Conductor size: 2.5mm2
Temp limits: max short term: 140º C
continuous: RTI 105º C
Pin spacing: 5.08mm
Screw tightening torque: 0.51 Nm
Wire stripping length: 7mm
Recommended hole dia.
in p.c. board:


Marking: consecutive numbering, lettering or special printing available. Please provide sketch.
Pitch: also available in 10mm/10.16mm pitch, details upon request.

Series 121C

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