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Series 326 / 327 5mm/5.08mm Two Part Pluggable PC Connector and Header

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Series 326 / 327 5mm/5.08mm Two Part Pluggable PC Connector and Header have 5mm pin spacing and are available with side or top cable entry.

They incorporate rising clamp inserts to allow multiple connection/ disconnection of the connectors without damage to the conductors and the connectors have latching arms which prevent the connector from vibrating loose from the headers.

The headers are available with horizontal solder pins (side entry) or vertical pins (top entry) and can be supplied with open or closed ends.

Technical Details

Mouldings: nylon 6.6, grey, UL94 V0
Colours: grey, black, blue or green
Inserts: brass, tinned
Screws: M3, steel, galvanised and chromed
Wire protectors: brass, tinned
Current rating: stranded wire: 11A
solid wire: 13A
Voltage rating: 300v
Conductor size: 0.5mm2 – 2.5mm2
Temp limits: max short term: 200º C
continuous: RTI 120º C
Pin spacing: 5mm / 5.08mm
Wire stripping length: 5mm – 7mm
Recommended hole dia. in p.c. board 1.3mm (+0.1/-0.1)


Marking: special printing available. Upon request

Pin spacing: available in 10mm pitch type.

Pin length: other lengths available. Upon request

Colour: also available in colours Green,Black and Blue.


Series 326 / 327 5mm/5.08mm326_327326_327327 2 0327 0

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