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Series 210SMD 3.5mm Pitch SMD Side Entry Rising Clamp Connector

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Series 210SMD terminals have a 3.5mm spacing and are designed with screw connections including a rising clamp.

The terminal body and soldering tag are manufactured as a single unit and are permanently engaged in the housing.

The solder pins are aligned parallel to the PC board in order to create a coplanar connection after the reflow soldering process.

As with all SMD products, it is made from a heat resistant thermoplastic material and is also equipped with plastic legs on both ends to prevent twisting.

The use of a strain relief is recommended.

Please note: this item is only available in magazines or tape and reel.

Technical Details

Mouldings: PA HT, black, V0
Current rating: 13.5A
Overvoltage category: III III II
Pollution level: 3 2 2
Rated voltage: 160v 160v 320v
Rated impulse voltage: 2.5kV 2.5kV 2.5kV
Tracking distance: CTI ≥ 600
Temp limits: -40º C up to 150º C; reflow solder
temperature (peak) max. 260º C (15-30s)
Pin spacing: 3.5mm
Screw: M2, copper alloy, tinned
Screw tightening torque: 0.2 Nm
Terminal body: brass, nickel plated
Solder pin: copper alloy, tinned
Rated cross section: 1mm2
Conductor size: 0.14mm2 – 1.5mm2
Wire stripping length: 5.5mm
Solder paste thickness: 0.15mm – 0.2mm
Number of poles: 2 – 12


Consecutive numbering.
Special marking to drawing.
Special packaging for tape and reel
Longer pole lengths on request.

Series 210 SMD210smd_ld1210smd_ld2210smd_ld3

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