Plugs (ST)

These connectors have pins.

Sockets (BU)

These connectors have split hollow tubes and are used for powered supply leads. They are fully shrouded to prevent touching the live pins, thus preventing electrical contact.

A T-piece will require 1 Socket (BU) and 2 Plugs (ST).

Wire protectors DS/HDS

A protector that the screw presses onto when clamping the conductor to achieve a safe contact. Recommended when using stranded cable as opposed to solid core/wired end cable.

Barrier protectors MDS

These wire protectors have a barrier in the middle to prevent the wire from going further than halfway through the terminal block.


Usually suffixed by a ‘K’ in the part number, a raised terminal block means it has legs, so that the base doesn’t contact the surface its mounted on. Raised bases are most commonly required when mounting onto metal where higher creepage and clearance is required.

Low profile

Usually suffixed by an ‘N’ in the part number, a low-profile terminal block is used where space is a premium in the application.

Captive screws

Our products come with captive screws as standard, i.e., housings are designed to retain the screw in transit.

Catch pins

Usually suffixed with ‘RZ’ in the part number, catch pins allow for push-fit connectors to the chassis rather than screw-fixing.

Strain relief

A standard fixture for electrical cables for securing cable at a certain point.

Ingress Protection

The IP code or ingress protection code indicates how well a device is protected against water and dust. 

1st digit : Dust protection

2nd digit : Moisture protection


The distance between pins on printed circuit terminals (3.5mm, 5mm, 7.5mm, 10mm etc).

Rising clamp

A cage-clamp mechanism to secure the conductor in PCB terminals.

Dove tail

Components have tongue and grooves which enable them to be interlocked together (2+3 Pole to make a 5 Pole).

Factory side

Refers to the side of the connector where the internal wiring of the unit is connected.

Supply side

Refers to the side of the connector where the incoming mains is connected. 

Tab connector

These connectors are equipped with receptacles in different sizes and styles. Mixed arrangements per terminal block as well as per pole are possible. Combinations of tab/solder connectors, flat plug couplers and space-saving tier versions increase the density of connections.


SMD is the abbreviation for Surface Mounted Devices and reunite all surface-assembled components on one circuit board.


Through Hole technology is a method for constructing electronic circuits in which the pin-through hole (PTH) components are inserted through holes drilled into printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Clamping Range

Minimum and maximum conductor size to fit the terminal.

Wire stripping length

The suggested length wire is stripped back to, in order to fit the connector.

Pin Strip

A continuous row of PCB pins.


Nylon plastic (PA) is a synthetic thermoplastic polymer commonly used in injection moulding applications. It's a versatile, durable, and flexible material.