6 Pole G Type Flat Plug To Free End Leads

The 166G (Flat) range of connectors is ideal for applications where space is minimal, due to their low profile. Together with the options of panel mount connectors & moulded tee pieces, these assemblies provide simple connectivity between luminaires. The 166G(F) range of connectors is designed for main connection according to EN 61 984 (connected and disconnected under load) and used in installation systems when using the additional locking slides (VDE 0628).




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3 CORE LEADS (Live, Earth and Neutral)

SLPGF631530WL-001 3 metres

SLPGF631550WL-001 5 metres

SLPGF631570WL-001 7 metres

4 CORE LEADS (Live, Earth, Neutral and EM Live)

SLPGF641530WL-001 3 metres

SLPGF641550WL-001 5 metres

SLPGF641570WL-001 7 metres

5 CORE LEADS (Live, Earth, Neutral, Dim 1 and Dim 2)

SLPGF651530WL-001 3 metres

SLPGF651550WL-001 5 metres

SLPGF651570WL-001 7 metres

6 CORE LEADS (Live, Earth, Neutral, EM Live, Dim 1 and 2)

SLPGF61530WL-001 3 metres

SLPGF61550WL-001 5 metres

SLPGF61570WL-001 7 metres

We can provide leads in various lengths and conductor sizes

Leads can also be provided wired to maintained live

(Add E on end of part code)

We can also offer ultrasonic welded leads

Please contact our sales team for any requests

Data sheet

1.5mm LS0H white as standard. Black cable can be supplied as an alternative.
Outer sheath stripped 70mm Inner cores Stripped and ferruled
Connector Rating
20 amps
Via optional locking slide
Cable Type
LS0H ECA Fire Class DCA/CCA Fire Class available on request
6 pole G type socket and tee piece
IP Rating
Supply Terminal Capacity

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