Panel Mount 3 pole

The Panel Mount 3 Pole is a versatile electrical component designed for reliable and secure connection applications in various industrial and commercial settings. This product offers a seamless integration into panels and enclosures, ensuring efficient electrical distribution and management.




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Key Features:


Panel Mount Design: The panel mount configuration of the 3 Pole unit facilitates easy installation onto panels and enclosures, providing a stable and secure connection point.


Three Pole Configuration: With three poles, this product enables the connection of multiple circuits, enhancing flexibility and functionality in electrical setups.


Coding: 1 (Mains): The coding ensures compatibility with specific electrical systems, preventing mismatches and ensuring safe operation in mains applications.


Wide Wall Thickness Compatibility: Designed to accommodate various panel thicknesses, the Panel Mount 3 Pole supports a minimum wall thickness of 0.5 mm and a maximum of 1.2 mm, ensuring versatility in installation.


Voltage Rating: 250V: With a voltage rating of 250 volts, this product is suitable for a wide range of voltage applications, providing reliable performance and safety in diverse electrical environments.


Current Rating: 20A: The 20-ampere current rating ensures robust capability to handle moderate to high electrical loads, making it suitable for powering various devices and equipment.


Cross-Section Rating: 2.5 mm²: The 2.5 square millimeter cross-section rating signifies the optimal wire size that can be accommodated by the connector, ensuring compatibility with commonly used wire gauges.


Screwless Connection Type: Featuring a screwless connection type, the Panel Mount 3 Pole offers quick and hassle-free installation, saving time and effort during setup and maintenance tasks.




Industrial Control Panels

Electrical Distribution Systems

Machinery and Equipment Wiring

HVAC Systems

Automotive Applications

Marine and Aerospace Equipment


Overall, the Panel Mount 3 Pole stands as a reliable and efficient solution for electrical connectivity needs, offering versatility, durability, and ease of installation in various applications. Its robust construction and adherence to industry standards make it a preferred choice for professionals seeking dependable electrical components.

Data sheet

Current Rating
20 A
Voltage Rating
250 V
Insulating Material
PA 6.6
Contact Material
Core Cross-Section min
0.5 mm²
Core Cross-Section max
0.5mm2 – 4.0mm2
Impulse Voltage Rating
4 kV
max. Ambient Temperature Operation
70 °C
IP Code
IP Code when Plugged
Approbation VDE
Approbation ENEC
Approbation UL
Approbation CSA
Flammability Rating

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