MWDD Dimming Microwave Sensor

The MWDD is a 360° dimming microwave sensor

Designed with a low profile for aesthetically demanding architectural projects providing a high quality sensor for simple on / off occupancy control or providing semi-automatic (absence detection) control

An intelligent photocell is also included to prevent switching of the lights when natural daylight is available

Set-up of the sensor is carried out using a remote control handset with program memory allowing one-key commissioning where common settings are used for multiple devices




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Store settings in the remote for easy commissioning when programming multiple sensors Intelligent photocell – lights and sensors only operate when needed, natural light has priority Manual override Can be configured in presence or absence mode Hold time can be configured using the internal rotary switch, if you do not wish to purchase the programmer MPROG 5 year warranty This can be provided as a standalone part, or provided with a lead and plug (Part number will differ depending on plug/area range used)

Product Codes

MCCMW03BDAP Presence sensor fitted with 3 metre lead. Used with MCC LCM

MCCMW03BDAPA Absence sensor fitted with 3 metre lead. Used with MCC LCM

MWDD-BESA Presence sensor fitted with connecting lead for Besa socket

MWDD-RTMB1 Presence sensor fitted with remote tee for corridors

MWDD Standalone sensor

Data sheet

220~240VAC 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature
-20 to +50°C
Operating Temperature
-20°C To +50°C
Stand By Power
Less than 1W
Sensor Principle
High Frequency Microwave
Operation Frequency
5.8GHz +/- 75MHz
Transmission Power
Less than 0.2mW
Detection Range
Max. (Ø x H) 12m x 6m
Detection Angle
EMC Standard
EN55015, EN61000
Safety Standard (LVD)
EN62479, EN60669-1, EN60669-2
Radio Equipment (RED)
EN300440, EN301489, EN62479
Semko, CB, CE, EMC, RED, RCM
Switched Power
Maximum 20 devices at 40mA

Specific References


MWDD Datasheet

Download (1009.57KB)

Microwave Sensors DoC

Download (145.95KB)